How to decorate the apartment

How to decorate the apartment

Registration of the dwelling always takes certain time. It is relevant not only after moving on new place of residence, but also after repair, re-planning and just as way to diversify interior. It is possible to decorate the apartment by means of services of professionals and also own efforts and the embodiment of imaginations.


1. Look what size of the room is available for you to start dressing. If the apartment or the house have the small area, then make it in one style. In case you live in the apartment from 3-4 rooms, each of them can be executed in different combinations of decor and to place emphasis not on one subject, and at once on several.

2. If you have antikvariatny furniture, establish it so that at the entrance to the room it was evident at once. Such things draw attention. You can place ancient ware on shelves or coffee table. It is good to decorate the lamp or vase executed in this style painting and illumination. Perhaps, such element of decor will become the basic in style combination of all room.

3. In the apartment there should not be too much jewelry. There is enough of one two on the room. You can use combination of fabrics at windows instead of curtains. For this purpose take several cuts of fabric for curtains. It can be the remains from ready curtains, not sold fabric cuts, etc. Sew them in any order and give the form of curtains. It will be beautiful to look in frame of such curtains transparent tulle.

4. Width of curtain has to be one-and-a-half or double in relation to window width. Use draperies, easy beautiful folds. Effective curtains turn out from silk, cotton, wool and some other materials. If wall-paper on room walls with the drawing, hang up on curtain windows with geometrical or thematic ornament.

5. You can decorate the walls painted by paint by means of the drawing. Do not forget that it has to be put with contrast color and not fill all area of walls. Draw any figures or flowers on corners of the room or in the middle, for example, over bed back. It is important that indoors there was at least one piece of furniture reproducing subject of the drawing or executed in uniform color gamma with it.

6. In zone of professional interests, for example, in office you can establish sculpture, floor vase or hang up the graphic work. In the dining room the still life will be appropriate. In the general room - landscape, color art reproduction. In the children's room of picture hang up so that children could not reach them.

7. Put ceramics on separate shelves. Such figures it is good to have on all apartment, they draw attention and do interior more beautiful. Well the ceramics on bookshelves looks.

8. On small coffee tables put candles in beautiful candlestick, high narrow vase flat bowl. Low round vase. On big table, for example, lunch, appropriate to put big vase with fruit.

9. You can decorate the apartment by means of carpets. The ornament on carpet has to be calculated on review from any party. On wall hang up carpets with the vertical drawing, it is important that it was combined with architecture and room space. In modern interior use monophonic carpets with small pattern. Function of this product consists also in warming of floor and data of noise to minimum.

10. In the bedroom put carpet with long pile or rugs from faux fur. The room with big set of furniture, for example, table, upholstered furniture and cabinet will be counterbalanced by carpet of dark color. You can enter as decorative accent, for example, brilliant floor and light tone of fabric of tufted or smooth carpet.

11. Use framework with photos in frame of naked walls. In such a way you can decorate one wall, then on opposite place flowers in cachepot. If in the room there is not enough furniture, put big flower on floor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team