How to decorate the living room

How to decorate the living room

It is better to date dressing of the living room for general repair of the housing as production of many jewelry demands preparatory work which can negatively affect already ready repair of the living room.


1. If the living room at you is located in too big, in your opinion, the room, decorate it by means of false-columns or pilyastr. It will allow to reduce visually the room and besides to break it into separate functional zones.

2. Create in the living room superficial niches for placement of false-boxes in them with the built-in illumination. In these false-boxes place flowers or other jewelry of interior.

3. In middle part of false-wall place the LCD TV, and in lower – the built-in regiments or fireplace. For zoning of the narrow and long living room make arch apertures.

4. Decorate living room ceiling by means of stucco molding. Insert stained-glass windows into interroom doors, instead of normal glasses. If desired "recover" room walls the border which is picked up under wall-paper on all perimeter of ceiling. If at repair you used painting, but not wall-paper, and now want to make something with the naked color walls, replace them with photowall-paper.

5. If you are fan of graffiti, apply drawings on walls by means of special acrylic paints of all flowers and shades, or it is even better, phosphorescent paints.

6. Select pictures according to wall covering if it not ideally monophonic, then choose pictures in wide frame. Hang up large pictures obliquely, at the level eye, small is slightly higher – at the level of eyes.

7. Cards, family photos hang out groups or in the form of collage, try to place in identical framework and with identical sizes. For souvenirs, collections, awards make and place the special shelf on wall, it is desirable with illumination.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team