How to defreeze the freezing chamber

How to defreeze the freezing chamber

If in your freezing chamber ice blocks are piled up, has come it is time to thaw it. Sleet not only inaccurately looks and eats space, it also worsens work of the kitchen appliances forced to consume now bigger quantity of the electric power.

It is required to you

  • - freezing chamber
  • - fan
  • - hair dryer
  • - basin for water


1. Does not play special role whether you are going to thaw the big freezing chamber or normal freezing office in the fridge. Both in that and in other case you should act by the same principle.

2. Disconnect your electric device from power supply, take out from it all products, put them somewhere where they will not be able quickly to thaw. Repeated freezing will not do good to either them, or you, or the deep freeze. Prepare ware in which you will collect melt water.

3. You can just leave everything as is. In a day, the freezing chamber will thaw maximum itself provided that you will leave open door. But this option suits you only if you do not hurry also the products needing freezing anywhere at you is not present. Most of people try to accelerate process.

4. Do not chop off ice knife or other sharp objects at all, so you can easily damage camera walls then the device will need to be sent only to dump. Also you should not blow on ice hot current of air from the hair dryer. The sharp temperature drop influencing freezer walls can cause formation in them of cracks and gaps.

5. The best that you can make – to provide outflow of cold air from internal space of the device. The easiest to make it by means of the fan, the hair dryer can play the positive role too if on it there is function of giving of cold current of air.

6. Normal table salt can become the great assistant when defrosting the freezing chamber. Just strew with it ice, and that will begin to thaw literally on your eyes. Do not forget to delete the water which is formed at the same time constantly.

7. After defrosting wipe the camera with the rag, the wetted in vinegar solution, carefully dry all walls and your freezer is again prepared for use.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team