How to destroy domestic ants

How to destroy domestic ants

In the house there are red and red ants which come crawling numerous colonies on flavor of food. The neighbourhood with insects gives the mass of inconvenience to owners as they climb literally everywhere. Ants it is possible to find in bread box, in bags with grain, in drinking bowls with jam, in sugar bowl. Besides, they very painfully bite, and on the place of sting the big red cone which long scratches is formed. With ants it is necessary to begin immediate fight.

It is required to you

  • - piece of chalk from cockroaches;
  • - gel;
  • - means in ampoules;
  • - boric acid;
  • - forcemeat;
  • - wormwood;
  • - tops of vegetable of tomatoes;
  • - cinnamon;
  • - snuff tobacco;
  • - aerosols.


1. For fight against ants you can use the same means, as for extermination of cockroaches. Buy piece of chalk or gel from cockroaches, put in places of movement of ants with the dense closed strips. Systematically update medicines, putting new strips. That the piece of chalk always worked, repeat drawing each 7 days, update gel monthly.

2. Buy aerosol from the creeping insects. Process it all walls, plinth and other surfaces. In 1 hour air the room and carry out dry hoovering. You carry out damp cleaning not earlier than in 4 days. All this time medicine will be active and will destroy those insects who at the time of the gas attack were absent.

3. In shop for gardeners and gardeners the chemical medicine in ampoules intended for destruction of ants and garden wreckers is sold. Means have different trade names, but work almost equally. For use dissolve ampoule in 4 liters of water, fill in solution in the spray, you can use the garden spray which you process vegetable and garden cultures from wreckers. Spray means on floor, plinths and walls. Densely close the room. In 2 hours carry out damp cleaning and air rooms through air flow.

4. Also you can use the national recipe and prepare poison independently. For this purpose mix 100 g of forcemeat with 1 teaspoon of boric acid, roll small balls and spread out them on all room.

5. Ants perish from boric acid and manage to bring it on claws to the slot where poison ant uterus. Therefore you can use acid not only in the form of mixing in products, but also scatter powder in pure form in places of mass movement of insects.

6. Ants do not transfer smell of wormwood, tops of vegetable of tomatoes, cinnamon and snuff tobacco therefore for fight against them spread out one of the specified means or use means in complex on all house.

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