How to disassemble the boiler

How to disassemble the boiler

The boiler is powerful water heater. Now the unit is very widespread. And it with an ulterior motive, it is designed to create additional comfort. However the durability of the boiler is caused by the correct care for it that means from time to time to disassemble this unit and to make its cleaning.

It is required to you

  • - bucket;
  • - key;
  • - rubber hose;
  • - the pasted pieces of paper;
  • - handle;
  • - magnesium anode.


1. Switch-off the boiler from the power supply network: it is forbidden to disassemble not the deenergized unit!

2. Drain water from tank. For this purpose block valves of cold and hot water. Substitute bucket under the boiler and after that turn off by means of key the hose giving to the boiler cold waters and back valve. Instead of the turned-off hose fasten rubber hose which end lower in bucket. Do not touch feed hose of hot water! Find one more crane on the boiler (with its help the supply of hot water from the boiler is regulated: if do not use the boiler, then it, as a rule, block) and open it. Then open hot tap in kitchen then water from the boiler will begin to come to the substituted bucket.

3. Make sure that water all has descended: for this purpose blow in the hose intended for water descent. It will allow to make sure that in rubber hose the stopper interfering water descent was not formed, and water from the boiler all has flown down.

4. Disconnect temperature regulator with all electric part. That then it was easier and easier to collect back, on conductings it is possible to paste pieces of paper with marks as where it is necessary to attach. Substitute bucket under the boiler and unscrew bolts of metal cover: turn off slowly and accurately in order to avoid laying damage. Give to all water which has remained to flow down in tank in bucket.

5. Accurately clean internal part of tank. Check availability in the boiler of the small pin – the magnesium anode which on exterior resembles welding electrode a little. If this element is absent or its length is less than 15 centimeters, define thread diameter and you go to shop behind the magnesium anode. Establish the acquired element in the place provided for this purpose in tank, collect the boiler.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team