How to dissolve wallpaper glue

How to dissolve wallpaper glue

Right after that as you have chosen wall-paper, think of wallpaper glue. Good glue will not allow to spoil expensive wall-paper. It is not necessary to save on it as the damage from bad glue can be very notable.


1. Now wallpaper glue can be divided into two views: universal and special. Universal suit practically all normal wall-paper. Special glue can be used for wall-paper of certain type. It is possible to find ready for use glue in sale. However most often it is on sale in dry powdery look.

2. It is quite simple to part it. Most often it is enough to read recommendations about proportions of water and glue which are on other party of packing. Consider, it is necessary to fill in water powder gradually, thin stream. There should not be formation of lumps. Apply only cold water to cultivation of glue. Stir it about five minutes. If at liquid after all there are lumps, then filter it through colander.

3. It is necessary to apply glue evenly. Thereby you prevent formation of bubbles at pokleyka. To get rid of swellings, use the roller. With its help well carefully work surface of wall-paper. It is necessary to smooth wallpaper cloth from the center to edges. Do it until, all cambers with air or glue will not disappear yet. At the moment many producers of glue already add different anti-fungal substances to structure. They prevent emergence of mold on walls.

4. The resin adhesive enjoys quite wide popularity. However it is necessary to be able to use it correctly. For a start miss the mark with paste the plastered wall. After that at once paste the newsprint which is previously missed the mark with paste. It has to dry completely. On it it will be already possible to paste wall-paper which is missed the mark with paste. You can drive them into the corner dry rag. Completely remove air bubbles. Consider, such glue extremely is not recommended to be used for pokleyka the washing wall-paper. "Glue-71" well is suitable for them.

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