How to eliminate unpleasant smells in the fridge

How to eliminate unpleasant smells in the fridge

Quite often in housekeeping there is question connected with elimination of unpleasant smell in the fridge. For this purpose there are very many devices. It is also possible to use household chemicals or to listen to national methods.


1. Before beginning operation of the fridge, it is necessary to wash up it well. For this purpose use specially developed household chemicals or normal products which for certain are available in each house. Well vinegar eliminates any smells. It needs to be diluted half with water, and then to wipe with the turned-out liquid all internal sites of the fridge.

2. Well solution of vodka and water is suitable for removal of smell. Also quite often apply sal ammoniac. At present in specialized shops it is possible to buy the special absorber of smell. It is possible even to find the absorber of egg-shaped smell. It can easily be placed in special cell in the fridge.

3. The special absorber of smells is manufactured on the basis of the materials impregnated with coal. Wood and also activated carbon are considered as excellent absorbers of smells. Well deletes unpleasant smell baking soda. It is necessary only cups with this product to put on all shelves of the fridge.

4. Well black bread absorbs any smells. It is only necessary to cut it in small cubes and to decompose on shelves. Rice grains can replace black bread. They also well help at fight against unpleasant smell.

5. If you have decided to use onions and garlic, then keep in mind that they can kill smell only for some time. The basil and cinnamon have also similar properties.

6. Quite often people use for elimination of unpleasant smell in the fridge orange and lemon peels. It is also possible to make the excellent absorber which will not be inferior to the store absorber of lemon. For this purpose it is just necessary to cut lemon lengthways on two halves, to remove pulp, to fill there soda, rice or to put pieces of black bread. It is necessary to change lemon once a week. Otherwise he will be the cause of bad smell.

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