How to equip bedroom interior in five-storey apartment block

How to equip bedroom interior in five-storey apartment block

There was a time when people enjoyed any certain apartment since in the 50-60th years many lived in communal flats, in lodges of barrack-type type and so-called "zhakhtovsky" houses. Therefore the small apartment with the bedroom in 12 sq.m was true happiness. Many bedrooms in "five-storey apartment blocks" rather inconvenient, have low ceiling, narrow and with small window. Designers very much do not like to experiment in such rooms therefore it is put a lot of effort that the bedroom was comfortable and convenient. In the small bedroom width – about 3 meters, it is difficult at placement of bed and even sofa.

What has to be the bedroom in the apartment to "five-storey apartment block"? First of all is minimum of furniture. In such bedroom it is necessary to establish only the most necessary furniture, counting each square meter. But designers have already developed several options of interior design of the bedroom in five-storey apartment block which will visually expand space. At competent arrangement and the choice of furniture your bedroom will look and as the cozy room with additional functions.

Perhaps, the leading role at design of the bedroom belongs to color scheme. Avoid dark tones and large color accents and drawings not to reduce the territory.

If the bedroom narrow, then walls need to be made light tones, and visually expand window at the expense of curtain in all width and hang up original curtains. For example, make three walls beige, and color of wall in headboard of bed can be light pink with the medium-sized drawing.

Conditionally to divide the bedroom into zones, use rack. Today modules – quickly mounted designs from glass, tree or metal are fashionable. They have to occupy all wall space from floor to ceiling and it is easy to move on rollers.

It is better to make ceiling glossy (beige or white color) that it reflected light. Especially it is effective in rooms with low ceilings. You should not hang up on window dark curtains with the large drawing – hang up easy air curtains and blinds on windows better. And, of course, the bed linen, cover and pillows should not be dark tones. Any bright drawings – it will look tastelessly.

In the small bedroom usually put bed, cabinet for linen, bedside table and dressing table with mirror. Sometimes in the bedroom place the TV. The main subject in the bedroom the bed is considered. It is not necessary to put large bed in the small bedroom – it has to be about 150 cm wide. If you want to keep part of space, establish bed on podium – they have peculiar niche which you will be able to apply to bedding (blankets, pillows, etc.).

If you want the bedroom to perform also other functions, establish bed niche which can be lifted in the morning to wall. In the small bedroom you should not encumber the middle. Put bed in the distant party. It is possible to put to bed not bedside curbstone, but table on which you will be able to install the notebook. If instead of bed you put transforming sofa or sofa bed, then in the afternoon you will have a lot of place.

The sliding wardrobe – the fitted cupboard in all length from wall to ceiling is very convenient for storage of linen and clothes in the bedroom. If there is niche, then establish it there. These cabinets take not enough place and excellently save space. The facade has to be equipped with mirror or opal glass, and the TV choose flat and attach it to wall.

The small bedroom has to be correctly lit: it is not necessary to hang up bulky chandelier in the center – suspend several medium-sized dot surface mounted luminaires and bedside sconces. Depart from tradition to establish floor lamps. Organize modern LED lamps for the muffled "lower" light. If in your bedroom there is small loggia, then you will be able to increase space, having placed dresser there. If you warm loggia, there it is possible to equip workplace.

Any room needs to be decorated with various accessories. But do not overdo – do not encumber it with large elements. One part, and the others – not striking and the medium-sized sizes can be large. Do not encumber space under the bed boxes and boxes – it will be careless and will prevent during cleaning. In sliding wardrobe there has to be enough boxes and shelves. 

Very important element in the small bedroom – original bed linen and covers. Today they can be chosen for every taste. If you wish to allocate conditionally berth, make tent of light fabric. Choosing double bed, be guided by spring or orthopedic mattresses. You can make folding screen and fit it original fabric, and will put it in the morning and to stand in the corner. 

If you want your bedroom (even small) to look cozy and graceful, order furniture, considering features of the room.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team