How to equip recreation area

How to equip recreation area

At arrangement of recreation area it is necessary to consider not only the existing favorable weather conditions, but also character of owners. The recreation area can consist of gazebo, fountain, the pool, lawn, green hedge and other objects of landscaping. Pick up cozy furniture and beautiful plants to the recreation area and also bring in it a little identity.

It is required to you

  • - material for gazebo;
  • - construction tools;
  • - seeds of flowers and plants;
  • - accessories;
  • - material for paving of site;
  • - furniture;
  • - lighting.


1. The main element of recreation area is the gazebo. The gazebo has to be combined on the design with design of garden and it is good to fit into this landscape. The gazebo can be from the most various material – tree, polycarbonate, brick or metal. Also the gazebo can be decorated with gilding, peculiar thread or painting. The modern gazebo can become not only cozy recreation area, but also strong personality of owners.

2. At arrangement of recreation area it is important to remember also such element of design as furniture. It has to be strong, comfortable and practical. Material of garden furniture has to resist to adverse weather conditions well. The wooden, forged or wicker furniture will remarkably fit into recreation area. The table can be put from the combined material - glass and forging or tree and forging. Such table will look very elegantly and stylish.

3. The site on which the recreation area is located needs to be paved. For paving you can use – tile, clinker, natural stone, concrete or tree. Best of all carry out paving in the form of hexagon, octagon or oval. Avoid bright colors, the recreation area has to consist of natural and natural tones, your rest depends on it. Under deciduous trees the paving from natural stone or tile will be very beautiful to look.

4. Arrangement of recreation area assumes landing of plants and addition of accessories. When landing plants consider the illumination of zone and penetration of wind. It will be very beautiful to look the recreation area issued by ferns and magnificently blossoming bushes. The most popular bushes are – roses, spireya, chebushnik, lilac.

5. Issue recreation area accessories – lace tablecloth, the embroidered pillows in gazebo, vases and ware of the most various forms. Combine textiles of different invoices, use original figurines, hand bells and suspenders – and your recreation area will be filled with the real cosiness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team