How to establish bed in the bedroom

How to establish bed in the bedroom

About a third of all the life of people carries out in dream, and so - to beds. How to establish bed in the bedroom so that the sleep was deep and quiet, and rest - full? The Chinese doctrine feng shui makes rather detailed recommendations about this question.


1. According to feng shui, bed it is necessary to establish far away from door. At the same time the person who is on bed has to see entrance, but not be located to it back. Such placement of berth gives sense of security and securities.

2. Try to establish your bed so that its headboard has been directed to the East or the North. It is good if the back of bed adjoins to wall or cabinet. In children's rooms the bed has to stand in corner.

3. It is not recommended to establish bed in rooms with inclined ceiling or heavy ceiling beams. It is considered that these places accumulate "depressive" energy. If, after all, it is necessary to equip berth in such room, then for mitigation of negative impact it is recommended to use canopy.

4. It is not necessary to establish bed close to window - it is considered that it can lead to uneasy, faltering dream because of continuous circulation of energy through window opening.

5. If your bed is established by foot to door, and it is impossible to change it arrangements because of features of planning of your apartment - surely establish any barrier between sleeping the place and door opening. According to feng shui, such arrangement carries the name of "death position". It is considered to be that the dream on the bed established thus takes away your vital energy.

6. It is impossible to establish bed at wall behind which the elevator shaft or ladder is located.

7. Do not establish bed opposite to mirror - it can negatively affect health. Besides, it is considered that such arrangement promotes emergence of the conflicts between partners. It is necessary to consider that availability in the bedroom of two and more mirrors can promote the increased irritability and developing of headaches.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team