How to establish gas extracts

How to establish gas extracts

Gas extracts are designed to be not only part of interior though many of them are capable to give to kitchen certain charm. They have to execute first of all the direct assignment – to purify air in kitchen. Therefore it is very important to establish gas extract correctly.

It is required to you

  • - construction level;
  • - air offtake;
  • - pencil;
  • - screw-driver;
  • - drill.


1. At stage of repair define the place for extract. Allocate for it the separate ground outlet.

2. Choose extract by the sizes of your kitchen equipment. Width of kitchen extract has to be equal to width of cooking surface. Otherwise the extract will not be effective protection against smells. Extracts have the same standard dimensions as gas-fires, cooking surfaces, ovens therefore it will be easy for you to find suitable.

3. Unpack extract and check all spare parts. Attentively study the instruction. Prepare the place for installation. The surface, most often wall, has to be strong and equal.

4. Measure tape measure height on which the extract will hang. For gas surfaces not less than 75 cm. Put fixing level to wall. By means of level level its situation strictly across. Pencil note points on which you will drill openings for fixture. If the design of extract does not provide use of level, put extract to wall.

5. Drill wall on the marks made by you. Choose drill and drill as your wall.

6. Fasten level to wall, using fastenings from set. To level hook extract. Adjust horizontal position screws on holders. Attach extract to wall by means of dowel and the screw, through opening in motor compartment or in extract.

7. Put on air duct pipe branch pipe. Remove other pipe end to the air shaft. Than the pipe will be shorter and the less at it will be turns (bends), the better. Remember that each bend of air duct reduces efficiency of extract, and the corrugated air duct strengthens noise from its work. If length of air duct exceeds 3 meters, install the additional fan for air suction improvement.

8. If your extract has box closing motor compartment, fix it as you fixed extract. Insert decorative grid (if it is available) and include extract in the socket which is taken away for it.

9. Establish in this way and any other gas extracts. Differences will be only in installation site. Island extracts fasten to ceiling, and angular in corner. Designs of these extracts have provided the corresponding ways of fastenings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team