How to exempt the site from the wireworm

How to exempt the site from the wireworm

The real scourge for many gardeners is the wireworm. These are the bug-shchelkuna larvae which are fairly spoiling harvest of potatoes and carrots, gnawing the long courses in tubers and root crops. Recently has appeared many insecticides intended for fight against this wrecker. However it is difficult to foresee what impact will be had by them on condition of the earth or that is more important, - on health of those who consume harvest from this earth. Therefore the increasing application is found by ways of disposal of the wireworm by means of plants-sideratov and the medicine ""Baikal EM-1"" (it is the solution containing the culture of useful microorganisms).

It is required to you

  • For season (from spring to fall):
  • Seeds of mustard white (500 g / I will weave lands);
  • Fatseliya seeds (/I will weave 300-400 g);
  • Seeds of oats or barley (/I will weave 500 g);
  • Medicine ""Baikal EM-1""
  • Fokin's subsurface cultivator (or cultivator).


1. In the spring as soon as melts snow and it will be possible to pass on bed, make seeding of seeds of mustard white at the rate of 5 g on Zaboronuyte sq.m. seeds rake to the damp soil. Mustard cold-resistant culture, its seeds sprout at temperature about 0 wasps, in 3-4 days there will be shoots and will begin to grow amicably.

2. In one or one and a half months the ridge with mustard will represent high ""brush"" of fresh greens. Your task is to pass on it Fokin's subsurface cultivator, cutting off stalks at the level of the soil and closing up fresh greens in soil. It is possible to pass cultivator, but to expose its disks on depth no more than 5 cm so that greens have appeared in top soil. Mustard suppresses development of larvae of the wireworm and frightens off bug-shchelkuna.

3. To spill the green material mixed with soil medicine solution ""Baikal Em-1" "Microorganisms from it quickly will cope with processing of organic weight, having turned it into nutrients for plants. Thus you will frighten off the wireworm and, the main thing, several times will increase fertility of the soil on bed.

4. In several days you can land potatoes or any other culture on this place. On all area of ridge arrange traps - baits, sowing the wetted seeds of oats or barley islands (on the 20-30th on ""island""). As soon as you see sprouts of the first greens, dig out grains together with roots, all of them will be penetrated by the larvae which have come crawling to regale. Burn the seeds struck with the wrecker from ""traps"".

5. As soon as reap the harvest of potatoes or any other culture, sow bed again sideraty, but already fatseliy at the rate of 3-4 on sq.m. On terms it will be in August-September. Close up fatseliya seeds to the soil rake, water. As soon as there are inflorescences (September-October), as well as mustard, close up its stalks in soil the subsurface cultivator, chopper, shovel or cultivator (5 cm are not deeper). In the next season on spring it is desirable to repeat on the same place all agrotechnical receptions for the guaranteed disposal of the wireworm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team