How to expel fragrant greens by New year

How to expel fragrant greens by New year

In winter time everyone can receive the vitamin greens, using distillation method. It is the easiest and available way which is not demanding special expenses and knowledge.

The essence of method of distillation is in what nutrients for growth of plant take from root crops, bulbs, rhizomes. Growth of leaves happens even at short daylight hours and bad illumination as it and is characteristic of autumn and winter time. The main thing that temperature was not lower than 16...20 wasps.

It is better to carry out distillation in the soil, though in water many plants give greens. For landing use any tanks which fill with the soil, not less than 2 cm stack drainage layer on bottom. Important when landing not to fill up growth point. Long root crops shorten, and cuts powder with ashes or dip in dark solution of potassium permanganate and dry, then land.

Such root crops as parsley, carrots, celery, beet, turnip, radish, daikon suit for distillation. From bulbous are onions napiform, leek, shallot, garlic. From kornevishchny the sorrel, Welsh onion, onions-shnitt, mint will approach. If there is no planting stock, then it can be bought in the market from grandmothers or in supermarket: greens which are on sale in ready container will approach.

The optimum size of diameter of root crop of beet - 5.7 cm, parsley root - 2.4 cm, celery root - 8...12 cm, onion - 3.5 cm. If to take smaller size, then there will be few leaves and vegetation will quickly end.

The first two weeks after landing at temperature about 12...15 wasps grow backs and plants it is possible to leave in the dark. As soon as the first leaves begin to appear, tanks expose on light. Water vygonochny plants with small doses the settled water at the roots, without allowing drying and overwetting of the soil. Between waterings accurately loosen the soil. In frosty days of plant it is necessary to remove from plain glass.

At due leaving already through 15... 20 days cut off the first young leaflets, since the lower tier. The distillation can be carried out several times during the winter, replacing the fulfilled root crops new.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team