How to fell tree

How to fell tree

Need to remove at least one tree irrespective of whether it is located on your site or in the neutral territory, it has to be well reasoned. Simply from whim it is impossible to cut down, dump tree.


1. In what cases of roll treeof it is possible? Let's consider three options: 1. the lifeless tree which has dried at any time because of wind can fall and, when falling, do harm to people around; 2. the tree is under power line or the communication line and with further growth can damage these communications; 3. the tree is located in close proximity to inhabited constructions, has big windage and fragile structure (poplar, chestnut). In this case at heavy wind the drawing damages by knots and the broken-off branches to buildings and people is possible.

2. In the first two cases the roll of tree can carry out without performance of preliminary works. Define the desirable provision of tree after it is dumped. From this party at height the 60-75th from the earth make has spent on drink approximately on? tree thickness. The axe or saw, having receded from has spent on drink on the 15-20th up, cut down or cut trunk segment to has spent on drink. With opposite from has spent on drink the parties, slightly higher, make one more has spent on drink trunk reproach. Help falling of tree by means of pole. With its help influence trunk, directing its falling to the necessary party. Also it can be done by means of the rope fixed by one end on tree trunk as it is possible above. For other its end pull towards desirable falling of tree.

3. After the tree is dumped, already on the place make its cross-cutting by means of the axe and the delimber, i.e. separate branches and boughs from trunk. Cut trunk on parts which then submerge on transport and take away.

4. In the third case when the tree is located in close proximity to constructions, removal it it is impossible to call crank literally this word. To facilitate this work, to make it safe it is necessary to pay operation of the mobile automatic hydraulic jack. Work is performed by two persons who are on the site of the automatic hydraulic jack protected with handrail. One by means of the delimber separates knots from trunk. The second, as the assistant, supports these knots and gives them the direction when falling down. If the cut-off knots massive, have big weight, then bind them rope which is thrown through the above-located knot, and other its end is lowered on the earth. Several people, holding this end, control the speed and the movement of the cut-off knot. After the tree is exempted from knots, begin cleaning of trunk. From top to down, small fragments the trunk is sawn and goes down falling under force of curb weight or by means of rope.

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