How to fertilize manure

How to fertilize manure

Gardeners and summer residents know how organic fertilizers are useful: they and positively influence plants, and feed the soil. It is possible to fertilize dung water, chicken dung or just manure. But do not think that rather simply picturesquely to scatter waste products of cattle on the site or kitchen garden.


1. Manure belongs to organic fertilizers of animal origin. At decomposition in the soil of fertilizer form mineral connections which are especially easily acquired by plants. At the same time carbon dioxide which saturates soil air is emitted, improving power supply of roots of plants. Manure can even improve properties of the soil – heavy clay become more friable, sandy – more viscous and better detain moisture.

2. Most appropriate to fertilize the soil of early in the spring or in the fall, after harvesting. Stack manure on the soil small heaps in the summer and as soon as possible start zapakhivaniye. On 5-6 put manure to vypakhayta on surface again and mix with the soil repeatedly. In addition level the surface of the soil that manure decayed evenly. Weeds will sprout practically at once – they need to be destroyed immediately.

3. For fertilizer of plants of type of wild strawberry or cabbage use greenhouse humus or absolutely decayed manure. In greenhouse humus large amount of moisture remains, and rains and water when watering wash away all nutrients of humus to the soil.

4. Put humus layer of 5 cm, avoid hit it on plants. Be especially attentive with wild strawberry – manure should not get to the middle of bush.

5. The manure from under the cattle which is daily strewed by new layer of straw and foot tapped by animals is considered the best. You store manure in navozokhranilishche, having shifted it peat and the earth. The earth layer has to be each 60-90 cm, and the layer of the earth has to be no more than 7-9 cm.

6. On bottom of navozokhranilishch put straw layer 60 cm thick. The layer needs to be pritoptat legs. Suit Navozokhranilishche on the eminence that in it soil waters did not flow down. Collect the slush flowing from storage in special tanks. Later you will water with it from above manure.

7. Do not do manure heaps higher than 2.5 m to avoid heating of base layers. Do not close heap cellophane in order to avoid overheating and ignition at all. It is reasonable to cover manure heaps from above and from sides with the turf.

8. On fertile soils you introduce organic fertilizers time in 2-3 years, on poor soils do this every year.

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