How to fill in water in heating services

How to fill in water in heating services

The standard system of heating has to be filled with water not only in heating seasons, but also all the year round. It promotes protection of devices and inside face of pipes against rustiness (corrosion). Besides, before approach of heating season it is necessary to carry out pilot tests of system to be sure of its serviceability.

It is required to you

  • - hose;
  • - screw-drivers, extension wrench;
  • - chemical reagents;
  • - compressor or cylinder;
  • - clear water.


1. Drain water from heating services pipes. In two places disunite system: on the return highway and on strut. Connect via the union to strut the flexible hose which is carried out from water system. Wash out heating services until until clear water goes from the return highway. Carry out water drainage to the sewerage.

2. The best effect can be reached with use of method of hydropneumatic washing. For a start blow heating services pipes compressed air, it will help to loosen deposit on surface of pipes from within. Along with water supply give air under pressure which is not exceeding 6 кг/см^2, using the compressor or cylinder.

3. Use other method of washing of pipes – chemical cleaning of heating services. For this purpose use solution of hydrochloric acid inhibited to which add special inhibitors to slow down reaction with metal. In the course of washing you etch the scum formed in pipes. On the end of cleaning wash pipes with ordinary water from under the crane.

4. Now restore all investigated connections and fill in water in system through branch pipe for gas station. Do it slowly, count water supply so that in devices of heating services and pipelines there was no traffic jams left from air.

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