How to fix lamps on stretch ceiling

How to fix lamps on stretch ceiling

Stretch ceilings surely are in the lead when choosing finishing materials for ceilings in shopping centers and apartments of citizens. They are beautiful, various and functional. In stretch ceiling it is possible to build in and practically any type of lamps.

It is required to you

  • - low-power lamps or easy chandelier;
  • - wires for distributing;
  • - thermorings;
  • - the strengthening rings by the number of lamps.


1. Visit shop and consult with the employee of department of electrics. Your task not just to choose lamps, but also to pick up the necessary type of wiring and fastening, besides, important indicator will be the power of the used lamps. So, during the work with stretch ceilings it is impossible to use lamps with power more than 40 W.

2. Decide on type of fastening of lamps. The most popular is fastening on hook. In ready apartments such design is already mounted in the center of ceiling, also wiring is brought to it. However, it is not fashionable to fix chandelier on tension designs today, the majority uses dot lamps which as if are scattered on panel.

3. Apply the marking corresponding to the position of future lamps on the mounted load-carrying structure of ceiling, if necessary make openings for fixing of socle of each element. Lay wiring to each of the bases of lamps, be attentive with isolation.

4. Pull ceiling. Being guided by the made marking, attach to thermoring ceiling film, they will help to save cloth from gaps and arrows. Sharp construction knife make the cut datochny for mounting of socle of the lamp. Insert the strengthening ring from the inside of ceiling film. As a rule, such rings have sticky surface therefore additional fixing will not be demanded.

5. Fix socle of each lamp on load-carrying structure of ceiling and fix wires. It is more convenient to mark wire along framework and to record plastic brackets or adhesive tape.

6. In case of not possibility of stationary fixing (by means of openings in frame frame of ceiling) lamps to bearer frame of ceiling, use mounting wooden bar.

7. In the fixed socles establish lamps. Lamps have to correspond strictly to diameter of the strengthening ring which will not allow formation of holes or gaps around lamps.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team