How to fix mirror to wall

How to fix mirror to wall

To provide modern life without mirrors very difficult. They everywhere: in wardrobe, in the bathroom, in the bedroom and at office. Mirrors on walls look naturally and as self-evident. But once upon purchase of this remarkable thing there is question: "How to fix it to wall?".

It is required to you

  • - screw driver
  • - dyupelya
  • - super glue
  • - aqueous emulsion ink
  • - degreaser
  • - bilateral adhesive tape
  • - silicone sealant


1. Main ways of fastening of mirror to wall: For a start note places where there will be openings. Do them by means of the screw driver. Then begin to drill carefully. Insert into the received openings dyupelya (usually they together with fastenings are included in the package). Further fix mirror.

2. The bilateral adhesive tape, silicone sealant and degreaser will be necessary for you for the following method of fastening of mirror. Before hanging up mirror, protect amalgamny layer from damage. Edges should not be showered. For this purpose apply aqueous emulsion ink layer on reverse side of mirror.

3. Further apply mirror to wall and accurately circle it with pencil to define places for openings.

4. Then by means of degreaser (it can be acetone or alcohol) process the pasted surfaces (wall and reverse side of mirror).

5. In advance remove the remains of paper wall covering or other unnecessary materials on wall.

6. Further cut bilateral adhesive tape strips 8-12 cm long. Paste the received strips on wall, approximately through each 12 cm, it is strict in vertical position. Now take silicone sealant and big drops squeeze out between adhesive tape strips.

7. Apply mirror to wall. If it has laid down not exactly - nothing terrible. At first the surface of mirror adjoins to sealant, that is you have opportunity to level it in the necessary situation.

8. Do not try to move mirror as soon as it concerns adhesive tape.

9. Further strongly press and record mirror.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team