How to fix plasma

How to fix plasma

Most often plasma, liquid crystal or the LED panel it is necessary to fix on wall as the big sizes of the device do not allow to establish it on special table or curbstone. However the considerable weight of the panel and its cost force to think several times before choosing way of fastening.

It is required to you

  • - bracket for the panel;
  • - anchors;
  • - drill or perforator;
  • - screw driver or screw-driver.


1. For a start it is necessary to buy bracket which will be interlink between the panel and wall – without this adaptation it is impossible to hang up the device on wall. Pick up the bracket corresponding to the sizes (is determined by screen diagonal) and to the weight (it is specified on packing or in the application guide) panels. Pay attention that depends on model of bracket whether you will be able to regulate after mounting screen tilt angle on vertical and horizontal or not.

2. Depending on wall on which you are going to hang up the panel pick up assembly anchors. If the wall represents design from gypsum cardboard, it is necessary to use only metal threaded anchors of "butterfly" completed by bolts. Do not try to fix bracket on plastic anchors by means of self-tapping screws at all – such fastenings will not sustain heavy load.

3. If in situ wall, use metal anchors for floors. Depending on anchor type, after fixing on it of bracket, to you can be required to cut off part of pin if its length prevents installation of the panel. If the wall is made of blocks or brick, anchors have to be intended for hollow overlappings. In this case, as a rule, instead of pin the anchor bolt is used.

4. After openings in wall are drilled, and anchors are established, fix the main part of bracket on wall, and attach reciprocal part to the panel. Screws by means of which the bracket fastens to plasma, as a rule, are not included in the package of delivery of either the panel, or bracket therefore take care of their purchase together with anchors.

5. Having finished fixture of both parts of bracket, install the panel on wall according to the instruction for connection of fastenings of bracket. Adjust tilt angles and enshrine the TV in the necessary provision.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team