How to glue eaves

How to glue eaves

The ceiling eaves serve as decorative element as capable to give to the room a little antique style. The eaves do junction between wall and ceiling soft and beautiful. Besides, if it is correct to paste plaster eaves, then it will be able to hide wiring and pipe from public eyes, having given to the room of refinement. If it is wrong to make mounting, then after a while the stucco molding will depart from wall.

It is required to you

  • - hand saw with small teeths;
  • - sawn box for diagonal cuts;
  • - measured cord;
  • - glue.


1. Begin work with corners. Measure length of your wall, lay eaves in sawn box and accurate movements begin to saw off it under corner necessary to you. By just the same method measure the second wall, prepare eaves and saw off the second corner. Check whether correctly you cut off them. For this purpose apply both parts to each other – they have to meet densely. In case it has not occurred - straighten the ends.

2. Mark arrangement of corners on wall and dissolve the glue suitable under material of the eaves chosen by you. Wipe with damp sponge surface which you awake to glue.

3. Smear eaves with glue, accurately applying it by means of small brush. Apply corners to the made marks. As soon as you make sure that the eaves have laid down exactly, press on it more feasibly.

4. Remove all surplus by means of the palette and again wipe with damp sponge. On the expiration of day the angular eaves can begin to be painted.

5. Plan on all perimeter of your room location of eaves by means of measured cord. Its use will allow to paste eaves with big accuracy.

6. Apply on the return part of eaves with even layer glue. Apply stucco molding to wall, at the same time leveling it on measured cord. As soon as it is laid exactly, press on it in order that surplus of glue was distinguished outside and remove them with the same palette.

7. Join eaves as it is possible more densely to each other. Carefully process places of connections glue. Do not forget to delete excessive glue, and to wipe places with damp sponge or rag.

8. You watch room temperature. During operating time in the room it has to be rather warm and there should not be drafts. Warm air temperature allows glue to grab properly. In case it is indoors cool – include for a while fan heater.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team