How to grow up aloe from shoot without roots

How to grow up aloe from shoot without roots

The aloe is tropical plant with fleshy leaves. Other name of this plant – aloe.

Juice of this plant has curative properties. It is used for treatment of cough and cold as prophylactic against cold, it is quickly inhausted in skin and is used for treatment of poisonings and other intestinal diseases.

Therefore this plant is grown up practically in any house. And one of important questions – how to grow up the aloe shoot which does not have roots.

How to replace flower without roots

Cultivation of aloe is rather simple process. In wildlife the aloe can do without waterings rather long time therefore and in house conditions this plant does not demand special leaving.

When roots of plant begin to get out of pot, it should be replaced in more spacious capacity. If the aloe continues to grow in close container, then roots will get out of pot, and the plant will begin to wither.

Change of flower is made as follows:

1. From plant around root the shoot which should be placed in the fridge for 5 – 6 hours is cut off. In the cold room at shoot the crust on the place of cutting of shoot will quicker be created. On cold the leaf is not recommended to be held more than a day.

2. If on the place of cut the crust was formed, then it is possible to land shoot to the soil.

3. Soil for landing of new plant has to be the same, as well as in pot with maternal pot. If the soil differs in structure, then the plant or will not take roots, or in general can wither.

4. The pot for sapling should not be too big. Its size has to be no more mayonnaise bucket. The container for scarlet is better to get ceramic. On bottom the layer of keramzitny material for the best drainage of the soil in flowerpot gives all the best.

5. Having planted sapling, the top soil is trampled down, then carry out watering of plant. After suction of water to the soil from above it should be zamulchirovat layer of dry soil. Then on pot put plastic bottle or put on plastic package.

The aloe badly grows under direct beams of the sun therefore it is put to the room which windows face the west or the North. The flower does not transfer drafts, but demands regular airing of the room.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team