How to grow up barberry

How to grow up barberry

Barberry - sort which unites many species of deciduous and evergreen prickly bushes. They have small golden flowers and varied in form and coloring fruits. Also the grades having elegantly painted leaves meet.


1. Barberries are decorative during spring blossoming. For this reason it is the best of all to grow up them in gardens. The tall barberry can be used in single and group landing. Undersized types often land as borders and on the Alpine hill. This bush well transfers hairstyle and forming. It should be noted, it has serious prickles therefore the bush can be used as green hedge. Cultivation of green hedge requires large number of planting stock.

2. Reproduction of barberries happens vegetativno, that is division of bush, root offsprings and summer shanks. Also it can be made multiple copies seeds. If you want to grow up green hedge, then it is the best of all to apply vegetative way of reproduction of adult bush. Seed method is used generally when it is necessary to grow up many bushes, and it is unimportant for what time.

3. Under the fructifying barberry bush often there is self-sowing. It is the best of all to make crops of seeds towards the winter, that is in September or October. If spring crops are made, then seeds need to be stratified in advance. The barberry can grow on the place of shoots 2 years. Then it needs to be replaced in shkolka where it is grown about 2-3 more years.

4. Before planting barberry, surely choose the suitable place. The fact is that this bush loves light arrangement in garden. Plant it is drought-resistant, is unpretentious to soil conditions, however treats stagnation of moisture in the soil badly. You should not forget about cutting of bush. It is necessary to delete old escapes on which place new will grow.

5. Adult barberry it is regular and abundant fructifies. It has remarkable berries which can be used in house preparations. Best of all compote, jam, fruit candy, jelly and liqueur turns out.

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