How to grow up corn at the dacha

How to grow up corn at the dacha

Sometimes so there is a wish to regale on svezhesvarenny corn which taste was remembered by much since childhood. But those ears which are on sale in the market do not inspire special trust. Therefore cultivation of ears of corn on own site becomes acceptable option for the people preferring natural products.


1. Prepare the earth for landing of corn in the fall. Best of all corn grows after leguminous, winter, fodder and sugar beets, potatoes and buckwheat. Actually this culture is not especially choosy to predecessors therefore it can be grown up as monoculture. Choose the place which is well protected from cold wind on the site. Dig over the soil and at once introduce organic and phosphoric fertilizers. If the earth has the increased acidity, it is recommended to bring a little slaked lime.

2. In the spring when the danger of frosts passed, start jumping of seeds in soil. In northern areas the landing at the beginning of June is recommended, the middle of May is suitable for the southern areas. If the soil has insufficiently got warm or too damp, the viability of seeds can decrease considerably. To increase resistance of culture to the lowered temperatures, previously (at the beginning of May) plant seeds in special torfoperegnoyny pots. By the end of May the sprouts will have two-three of leaflets, safely plant ready seedling on the prepared bed.

3. For good pollination it is recommended to plant corn ranks (plants have to be located at distance of 15 centimeters from each other, with row-spacings on 60 centimeters). It is necessary to bury seeds at seven centimeters. When seedlings have about four leaflets, thin out plants. Regularly you loosen and weed row-spacings.

4. From time to time hill corn and feed up mullein. Water plants in process of drying of the soil. Side escapes should be deleted, only this way you will be able to receive large ears. At observance of all listed rules, cultivation of corn on own site will yield excellent results. In the middle of August it is possible to collect early grades, later grade keeps up by the end of August.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team