How to grow up grapefruit from stone

How to grow up grapefruit from stone

From all trees which are grown up from stones from the eaten fruits it is the is best of all in house conditions citrus takes root. They even fructify! And if you have bought sunflower seeds in specialized shop, then, perhaps, the tree even should not be imparted then. Houses most often grow up lemons, but nevertheless many flower growers prefer also grapefruits …

It is required to you

  • - soil;
  • - pots;
  • - spray;
  • - humus;
  • - means from insects.


1. Not everyone knows that grapefruits are even more hardy than lemons! Large stones of grapefruit can be placed in the earth on small depth at once, - but it is necessary to remember that kernels sometimes "sit" in soil long, even within month.

2. Young grapefruits love the friable and sour soil enriched with minerals. The plant needs rare watering. At the same time you should not bring condition of soil in pot to drought. It is possible to spray every day slightly tree with warm water from spray.

3. The grapefruit growing from stone needs a lot of light and heat. Two times a month it is worth feeding up him fertilizer for citrus. The grapefruit which is grown up from sunflower seed while it is young, needs to be replaced every year in the capacity, big by the size. After achievement by grapefruit of five – six-year age it can be done through everyone two – three years. For change the "garden" soil with humus or the ready earth is suitable for citrus from shop.

4. So far the tree small, is convenient to it on any windowsill. However grapefruit grows pretty high (on average – two meters) and sprawling. To adult plant will be more comfortable in light office room, on loggia or in winter garden.

5. At creating favorable conditions, grapefruit successfully blossoms and fructifies. At it many big glossy leaves grow. The large flowers having white color with pinkish outflow blossom towards the end of summer when the heat falls down. Big fruits with thick skin, strong aroma and bittersweet taste usually ripen by November.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team