How to grow up grapes

How to grow up grapes

Who has told that the grapevine can take root only in the conditions of the South? It is quite possible to grow up grapes and in midland. If to make sufficient efforts, in several years after landing of rod it will be possible to regale with pleasure on tasty fruits.


1. Make multiple copies grapes by means of layers. It is necessary to cut off even in the fall from rod suitable shank and till spring to raise his houses. It is necessary to cut off the top of rod, it is necessary that its thickness was about 4-6 mm. Remove 2 lower leaves, over the 3rd leaf has to there was stock in 1 cm. The shank bottom with the left third leaf should be wetted in korneobrazovaniye stimulator solution, and then to put. In pot there has to be not normal earth, but soil mix with sand. It is necessary to water shank not too strongly. It is possible to cover from above it with glass jar or transparent polyethylene. The shoot has to stand on light, but direct sunshine should not get on it. In the house it has to be quite warm, it will accelerate emergence of pasynkovy escape. Usually it occurs in 1.5 - 2 months after landing. In the spring sapling of grapes it is possible vysazhivatv soil. But before it it is necessary to temper it, taking out for some time for air.

2. Before planting grapes, it is necessary to pave the way. If the site cold and clay, it is necessary to make good drainage. Remove top soil on 2-3 bayonets of shovel. In the turned-out pole fill up gravel, sand or crushed stone - about 5-10 cm. Then to podsypta to fertile top soil lime, peat, the rerotting manure and sand. Then start landing. During the whole summer it is possible to fill up in radius of two meters around sapling the earth. Grapes on such artificial embankments grow better.

3. It is necessary to land rod to the open ground or the greenhouse in the middle of May - the beginning of June. If to plant grapes too late, it can die because of the short period of vegetation. Before landing of sapling it is necessary to cut off escapes on two-three kidneys. The upper part of escapes should be lowered for some time in the kindled wax or garden var. Before landing it is necessary to lower for a while sapling roots in mix from two parts of clay and one part of the rerotting manure. On clay soils it is necessary to plant grapes not more deeply, than on 20 cm, on sandy - on 50 cm. After landing it is necessary to stamp and water the soil around sapling warmed up up to 30-40 °C. Then to make earthing up. When grow new escapes, it is necessary to leave only two of them, and to cut off the others. Put support about sapling and in process of growth tie him. Regularly you loosen the soil and delete stepsons and weeds.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team