How to grow up Hippeastrum

How to grow up Hippeastrum

The Hippeastrum has been delivered to Europe from South America. It has received popularity at fans of room floriculture thanks to unusually elegant flowers. Remarkable property of this plant – possibility of regulation of terms of blossoming. If to plant bulb of Hippeastrum in the fall, then by Christmas holidays "the knightly star" will blossom.

It is required to you

  • - bulb of gipperastrum;
  • - universal soil;
  • - haydite;
  • - fertilizer for the blossoming plants;
  • - flowerpot.


1. Choose bulb for landing. It has to be large, without signs of disease, rather dense to the touch. The chosen bulb is larger, the more long and blossoming will be more abundant. Wet it for 1 hour in water of room temperature.

2. Pick up pot for landing of Hippeastrum with a diameter at 6-8 cm more than diameter of bulb; depth – about 15 cm. The flowerpot for landing of Hippeastrum has to have several large drainage holes.

3. Fill layer of haydite 2-3 cm thick on bottom. For landing of Hippeastrum add several pieces of wood charcoal to soil - it will prevent rotting of bulbs. Fill layer of earth over haydite and slightly humidify it.

4. Place Hippeastrum bulb so that she acted over the surface of soil not less than on 1/3. Otherwise the plant will not blossom, directing all efforts to education of "children".

5. Put pot with bulb on southwest or southeast window. Hippeastrum - plant photophilous.

6. Water plant with care. Do not allow excessive moistening of the soil – the bulb can decay. The best way of watering of Hippeastrum – root. Gather water in wide bowl and place in it pot with bulb. 30-40 minutes as soon as the soil enough is humidified later, rearrange it on pallet. Increase watering in process of growth of flower arrow – the arrow is higher, the is more abundant and watering is more often.

7. As soon as height of arrow reaches 15 cm, introduce universal flower fertilizer. During blossoming it is necessary to fertilize plant weekly.

8. After the Hippeastrum fades, cut off peduncle. Leaves should not be deleted – from them the bulb receives additional nutrients. After leaves wither – tear off them.

9. Organize to Hippeastrum dormant period. For this purpose take out bulb from pot, shake off soil and place it in plastic bag with sawdust. Put package of Hippeastrum in the dark, cool place. It is possible on the lower shelf of the fridge. The dormant period at this plant lasts 2-3 months.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team