How to grow up juniper

How to grow up juniper

Juniper – one of the most widespread coniferous trees. It is beautiful, simple in cultivation and is various on color. Compact, esthetic coniferous tree, with unusually useful properties. For the correct landing and cultivation of juniper it is necessary to conform to some simple rules.


1. Light. Plant juniper on sunny sides. At its disembarkation on shady side, it grows friable and shapeless, losing the decorative effect.

2. Soil. The most suitable acidity of the soil – from 4 to 7 pH, everything depends on look and grade of plant. The juniper is planted most often in hole (deepening), it is prepared depending on root system. On bottom of deepening it is necessary to prepare drainage surely: mix of sand and beaten brick. Fill up roots with the soil mix consisting of sand, the cespitose earth and peat (in the ratio 1:1:2). If the soil heavy, then before landing add to it lime or dolomite powder.

3. Now boarding. Before disembarkation of shanks in soil, root system it is necessary to wet for 2-3 hours in the container with water. The distance between shanks when landing has to make 1-2 meters. If plant large, plant juniper so that the root neck was 7-12 cm higher than edges of deepening.

4. Fertilizing. Juniper unpretentious plant, but nevertheless once a year, in April-May, add the Kemiry-universal fertilizer, it is possible to get it in specialized shops.

5. Watering. It is not necessary to water juniper too often, 2-3 times during the season are quite enough. But in order that the plant did not wither, it can regularly be sprayed, but only in the evening. The juniper is not exacting to soil moisture, but does not transfer dryness of air therefore spraying – obligatory ritual once a week.

6. Leaving. Care for juniper standard – loosening, watering and weeding from weeds. Dry branches should be cut off, it can be made at all seasons of the year. If the plant has ached or it was shrouded by wreckers, immediately get special means Fitoverm, ""Karate"" or Detsis, depending on defeat type.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team