How to grow up lawn the hands

How to grow up lawn the hands

Beautiful lawn, pleasant juiciness of the greens, - perhaps, key element in landscaping. Many for some reason believe that to grow up it the hands is unreal. However it not so. Nine stages, three weeks - and you will become the happy owner of emerald lawn on your site.


1. For a start be defined what will be in form your future lawn and also of what elements it will consist. If you the beginner in issues of landscaping - stop the choice on the simplest form. Also you should not sow with grass too big area and to chase ""range"" of plants. Let it will be small accurate lawn. The rest will come with experience.

2. Take the sheet of paper and draw the scheme of lawn. Place on it all planned elements. Only after that it is necessary to start directly earthwork operations.

3. Choose the place for lawn. It has to be moderately solar. If you did not manage to find the place with good lighting, do not despair. This problem will be solved by competent selection of lawn grass. Besides, near lawns there should not be underground waters.

4. Clean the chosen site from any garbage, remove all weeds, and with root, otherwise subsequently they will muffle the violent growth all lawn and will nullify all your works. Carry out processing of the site by any herbicide of continuous action and leave him alone for 10-14 days.

5. Dig up the site, at the same time carefully break all earth lumps. Level it and stamp a little.

6. Choose mix of herbs. Here everything depends on location of lawn. If its surface is constantly subject to heavy load, it makes sense to stop the choice on mix for sports lawn. With its help it is possible to create the undersized, dense grass covering resistant to permanent loads. Usually seeds of meadow grass, Agropyron, fescue and ryegrass are part of this mix. If you are going to create the blossoming lawn, it is necessary to buy mix of herbs with wild-growing flowers.

7. Sow the site the chosen mix. It is better to do it at sunny weather. The soil has to be moderately damp. Sowing should be made at the rate of 50 grams of seeds on one ""square"" of the site. That crops have turned out equal, it is necessary to scatter seeds evenly fan, moving on the site at first lengthways, and then across.

8. Fill up seeds with peat thickness in centimeter. Stamp a little and humidify from hose with scattered overhead irrigation. Now wait for shoots.

9. Shoots have to appear 7-9 days later. The first few weeks care for crops will consist in abundant and regular watering. At the same time it is not necessary to allow formation of puddles and congestion of water on the site. When the lawn grows up up to 10-12 centimeters, it is possible to carry out the first hairstyle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team