How to grow up on the site mushrooms from the wood

How to grow up on the site mushrooms from the wood

In artificial conditions white, birch mushrooms, aspen mushrooms and milk mushrooms do not grow, for development special conditions as the mycelium "braids" roots of tree are required for them and takes root into them, forming mikoriza. However, if on your seasonal dacha there are several trees: birches, oaks, fir-trees or aspens, it is quite possible to grow up the real forest mushrooms.

How to grow up mushrooms from mycelium

There are several ways of cultivation of the real forest mushrooms on the seasonal dacha. Best of all they grow in just the same conditions, as well as in the nature therefore ideal option will be if all site or part of the earth are located at the edge or in the forest. In this case it is possible to dig out mycelium in the spring or in the fall after collecting mushrooms and at once to transfer it to garden. Dig it under derevyam, humidify, fill up with leaves and again water everything.

Survival of mycelium quite low, but if to dig several myceliums at the same time in a couple of years it is possible to receive mushroom bed on the site.

To make landings of aspen mushrooms or birch mushrooms, dig the processed young mushrooms in zone of roots of birches and aspens (at the same time when collecting they do not need to be cut off, and to take out directly with mycelium). Threads of mycelium are capable to get into roots of trees and over time on your site forest mushrooms will appear.

It is also possible not to dig in pieces of mushrooms, and just to scatter them under trees. It is necessary to do it in rainy weather. From above fill up them with sheet debris and humidify. At such way, the first harvest (let and small, only several mushrooms) can be collected the next year.

In case of dry summer and fall periodically humidify the place of landing of mushrooms.

Crops of mycelium from dispute

One more way of cultivation of forest mushrooms on the site – crops of mycelium from dispute. But consider that on the site there have to be enough trees and the soil, as in the forest. You peremolit hats of mature mushrooms or cut on very small pieces. Add them to water. Put in mix on 1 tablespoon of flour and gelatin. Water with this solution the soil around trees and cover all with dry leaves or mowed grass. Disputes will sprout, the next year will give mikoriza, and the first mushrooms can begin to be collected in 2-3 years. Thus it is possible to build the whole mushroom plantation if your site is located in forest zone.

How to grow up slippery jacks

It is the simplest to grow up slippery jacks on the site. The way is quite labor-consuming, but receiving abundant harvest of these most tasty mushrooms it is guaranteed. Slippery jacks prefer the limy soil therefore when redigging bring dolomite powder, chalk or lime. Add coniferous debris. Dig out in the fall in the forest of pine near which there were many slippery jacks (these trees can be noted pegs during season) and put them on the site. In dry weather regularly water pines. In the first year after landing you should not wait for mushrooms, they will appear only for the third season, but you will be able to receive harvest, several times during the summer subsequently.

How to grow up honey agarics

To grow up honey agarics on the site, the old, mouldering stub is necessary. Under trees, in shadow dig pole, fill it with compost and put the mycelium which is dug out in the forest and hats of mature honey agarics. Water everything and establish from above stub. In a couple of years the mycelium will grow, and it will be possible to collect forest honey agarics on the seasonal dacha.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team