How to grow up oyster mushroom mushrooms in the conditions

How to grow up oyster mushroom mushrooms in the conditions

Among gardeners and gardeners recently the increasing popularity is gained by cultivation of mushrooms. It is possible to be engaged in Gribovodstv for all year, receiving natural, nutritious and very tasty product. If desired it is possible to grow up in house conditions oyster mushroom mushrooms which can be used both for needs of the family, and for sale.

It is required to you

  • - mycelium oyster mushroom
  • - pod of sunflower seeds of sunflower


1. First of all find out whether it is possible to get in your settlement mycelium oyster mushroom because on its basis and crops become. It is difficult to mix mycelium with something – it is couched, as a rule, on wheat, and sold in the packaged look in packings at some kilogram.

2. Further buy pod of sunflower seeds of sunflower which will serve as soil for development of mycelium. You will be able to find it at any plant on processing and production of sunflower oil.

3. Boil thoroughly pod in boiled water, lay out, let's cool down, and then begin to put it in big package. The first layer of pod has to correspond to 3-5 centimeters. Then break mycelium, small crumble and sift on the area of the first layer of pod. Later you put the second layer of pod, you sow mycelium, in the same way you sow also the third layer.

4. In total it is recommended to spend about 250-300 grams of mycelium of oyster mushroom for one package. In one package there have to be about 5-7 layers of mycelium, more you should not do. Tie package strong threads, it is the is best of all kapron threads which stitch footwear sole will be suitable for these purposes.

5. After the block is ready, it is necessary to make small cuts of package on each side. It is necessary in order that to mycelium the oxygen necessary for growth of mushrooms arrived. Cuts it is necessary to make no more than 15-20 pieces, otherwise the package can just be scattered.

6. Prepare in this way the necessary number of packages and put them to the crude place, it is the best of all to the basement.

7. Approximately in 15-20 days the packages will acquire dense moss and will gain white color. From openings of packages the first sprouts of mushroom which are called primordiya will get. Small escapes need moisture, but, it is impossible to water them at all. Just the room has to be very damp and crude, and then in 7-10 days already full-fledged mushrooms will appear. It is rather simple to grow up in house conditions mushrooms oyster mushroom, it is necessary to follow these simple rules only.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team