How to grow up seedling of tomatoes

How to grow up seedling of tomatoes

Every year, during preparation of seedling, the discussion begins. Gardeners argue on landing time, on grades and harvest. It is fair to note that the main thing for harvest of tomatoes, to observe crops time.


1. On maturing tomatoes are divided into 4 groups. Choosing seeds on seedling attentively study characteristic of grade.

2. Spread out seeds of the chosen tomatoes to rags which number in advance. Wrap them accurately. Put rag packings with seeds in capacity. Sprinkle them it is abundant water. Cover densely the vessel with seeds, establish to the warm place.

3. Prepare plastic cups for seedling, fill them with the necessary soil, it is better "live". Number each number of glasses not to mix grade of tomatoes.

4. In the earth make deepenings in 7-8 mm. Lower in dimple of each glass on one seed. Cover with the soil, having slightly pressed down it. Try not to mix numbering of planting stock.

5. Water the planted seeds, it can be done by means of tablespoon.

6. Having executed crops of tomatoes, cover glasses with film. When seeds break through through the earth, remove covering.

7. As soon as seedling of tomatoes rises up to 10-13 cm, carry out change of plants, dive. Prepare new, more free glasses, do not forget to make from the opening bottom.

8. Replacing tomato seedling you prishchepit the main root in each plant. This procedure will allow to develop to side branches of root. Again number all glasses.

9. Grow up seedling on windowsill available seats. For extension of daylight hours use daylight lamps.

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