How to grow up tasty and sweet carrots

How to grow up tasty and sweet carrots

Carrots were always popular with gardeners. This root crop is used in many types of pickles, it is vitamin-rich. And as openwork green leaves on beds are pleasant to eye. To receive excellent harvest of carrots, it is necessary to know several enough simple rules.


1. Carrots love the sun therefore it is necessary to land it on well lit place. It is desirable that this site had good lighting all day. It is impossible to land carrots on the place of landing of parsley, carrots and celery. Cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes and potatoes will be excellent predecessors. In the area where frosts are not rarity, it is better to sow early grades of carrots. They are most resistant to frosts. It is possible to sow such type of carrots right after warming up of the soil. It is necessary to tell that such carrots will not be suitable for storage. For this purpose it is necessary to sow grades of long maturing. Vyseivaniye is made after heat was established steadily.

2. Before crops the seeds of carrots check for defects. For this purpose it is enough to fill in seeds with water. Live seeds will remain at the bottom of capacity, and all defects will emerge. Before crops the seeds need to be couched. For this purpose they are wrapped in damp rag, put to the warm place and held several days there. Usually three days are enough. On beds just before crops do grooves which water then. Grooves should not be too small, but it is not necessary to do them and very deep. Necessary depth - 3 centimeters. Between the next furrows there have to be not less than fifteen centimeters.

3. Carrots demand leaving. Beds need to be weeded constantly. Also do not forget them to loosen. If not to do it, root crops will get curve form. After emergence of the first leaves of bed thin out. You should not feel sorry for waters for carrots. If to water it it is rare, root crops will grow sluggish, bitterness in taste will appear. During the season it is necessary to introduce two times fertilizers. The first introduction has to be in month after there were shoots, and the second in two months. It is better to fertilize carrots fertilizers in the liquid state. For this purpose in bucket of water dilute two glasses of ashes. It will be good to serve as fertilizer nitrophoska. On water bucket will be one tablespoon enough.

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