How to grow up watermelon

How to grow up watermelon

Watermelon is loved by all. But it is especially tasty grown up by the hands. Who has told that it is possible to part melon cultures only in hot climate? Quite it can achieve good harvest of watermelons and to gardeners of midland, moreover, even northern areas. If you are able to grow up cucumbers, can try to be engaged also in landing of watermelons, everything will turn out.


1. Wet watermelon sunflower seeds in hot water – about 50-60 degrees. When water cools down, take out sunflower seeds and take half an hour in dark pink solution of potassium permanganate. Then put on seedling in the earth prepared in advance. The age of the seedlings planted in soil has to be about 1 month therefore count sowing time depending on weather conditions of your strip.

2. While seedling grows, prepare holes for its landing on kitchen garden. In everyone fill a little sand, ashes, humus or compost. From above cover with film or glass that got warm. Put the sprouts of watermelon which have grown up to the necessary standard to the warm earth and strongly do not bury, otherwise will decay.

3. When disembarkation is complete, the earth around seedling to zamulchiruyta and cover with ukryvny material. Then it will be necessary to water in 10-15 days. After emergence of flowers pollinate plants manually: in the middle of the day pick men's flowers and you carry out by them on women's. Prishchipyvayte all side escapes because watermelon fructifies only on central. Let's grow to two escapes, then prishchipyvayta stepsons, as at tomatoes. If you leave 1-2 flowers on the main stalk, large fruits will grow if 4-5 – watermelons are more small.

4. When watermelons grow to the sizes of apples, pinch off top, having counted from the last ovary of 6 sheets. Carefully weed weeds. Feed up plants fertilizers, it is better to buy "Healthy garden", NV Granules. Before removing watermelons, approximately in 2 weeks before, stop to water. Then fruits will become more sugary. If there are rains, and your watermelons grow not in the greenhouse, and under the open sun, cover them with film that have not lost sweet and roots have not decayed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team