How to hang up plate on wall

How to hang up plate on wall

All of us faced problem of empty walls at arrangement of rooms, especially living rooms more than once. There is a wish for originality and the fresh ideas, reproductions do not surprise and the price for good picture rather big any more. Today this problem is solved with the help of ware, more precisely than plates which fasten on wall.


1. And plates not necessarily special decorative or what we bring as souvenir from travel. Even it is better if it is ancient grandmother's service or interesting design ware.

2. Very elegantly plates with openwork pattern on border look. Especially effectively such decorative means will look on the walls painted or papered dark color without the drawing.

3. Options of fastening can be various. If you have got decorative plates, then they are already supplied with special fastenings which one party fastens to wall, and another to ware rear side. Such fastenings can be bought and separately for fixing of normal plateaus.

4. If you are going to decorate by means of such material headboard of bed or wall over sofa, then it is better to choose more reliable way of placement – to place plates on open shelves. Such element of decor will successfully fit in also on the kitchen which is especially registered in style of country.

5. As for placement order then it is possible to dream up in plenty. Interestingly both the chaotic arrangement, and strict composition looks. Plates can be identical or different in form, the size, color and texture. The main thing that the turned-out panel was harmonious and fitted into interior. To make sure that as a result of your creativity this main condition will be met, before direct fastening spread out plates in the conceived order to wall. If you accept the turned-out picture, it is possible to set to work.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team