How to impart cactus

How to impart cactus

The inoculation allows fans of cacti to diversify collections. However sometimes it is carried out and as necessary – as treatment. The inoculation is meant as artificial crossing of the closely related, relating to one family cacti when young part of escape (scion) is combined with the stock having own roots.

  • Water, fertilizers, sharp knife with big thin edge, shaving edge, strings or elastic bands, sticks, test tube

1. The most favorable time for inoculation – the beginning of summer – the period of the main growth of cacti. For holding procedure it is better to choose warm, but not sunny day. If hot, it is the best of all to impart cacti in the morning when at these plants all vital processes are most intensified. The procedure has to take place in the place protected from wind and drafts.

2. For some time to inoculation it is necessary to water scion and stock also weak solution of mineral fertilizers. It is possible even to take scions several hours in warm water. However during inoculation all cacti have to be dry!

3. The smooth movement it is necessary to separate upper part of stock and surface of cut to make slightly cone-shaped. The above vaccination is done, the scion with stock useful substances will be better to be supplied. Horizontal cut it is necessary to cut scion which by the sizes should not exceed stock from maternal plant – also a little on cone. Then it is worth waiting that surfaces of cuts have dried up.

4. The scion needs to be placed on stock, slightly turning it that in position of joint there was no excess air. Surfaces of cacti have to adjoin completely, kind of merging. Plants should be fastened with elastic bands or strings for 10 – 14 days. Sometimes the scion is attached to stock by means of cactaceous prickles (sewing needles, etc. cannot be used!).

5. For support of stock it is worth using thin strong sticks which are put closely to plant. Small scion it is possible it is closed from above by glass test tube.

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