How to increase aperture on height

How to increase aperture on height

Increase in apertures on height is difficult procedure as works are connected with big risk of destruction of constructive parts. Besides, at implementation of this procedure not only the professionalism, but also permission of BTI to work is necessary.

Description of process of works

Increase in door openings requires plaster, primer, nails, self-tapping screws, metal framework and guides and also the palette and squares. Process of transfer consists of two stages: transfer of aperture on several centimeters and expansion of aperture on width and height.

Increase in height of aperture in the panel house is carried out by cutting of monolithic construction on necessary height. If door opening is in interroom partition, then in this case the aperture is increased by means of corners. Reduction of door openings is done by means of special design of gypsum cardboard.

Completion on height up to 6 cm is carried out by plastering of door opening, and over 6 cm - the design from gipsokrton or brick is necessary. The brickwork differs in durability, and plasterboard – ease. Sometimes it is necessary to transfer door opening. The aperture from in situ wall can be cut off. And if door opening is in brick wall, then it will be necessary to transfer all elements. Both processes mean either building of wall, or cut.

Work stages on increase in apertures

Increase in apertures on height includes a number of preparatory work. First, by means of level, tags on both sides of aperture are put. Further dismantling of old aperture is carried out. Then on the planned line openings become. Accurately by means of sledge hammer and the hammer remove concrete or brick. This way is traditional, but the best result is achieved when using the special equipment equipped with the diamond cutting disks. On the set tags on all length of bar plaster is removed. The next stage is laying of brick on wall side to tags. In brick and in situ walls it is possible to change the size of door openings no more than to 21 cm on height and 20 cm on width. Expansion of door openings can be followed by emergence of cracks or chips. Therefore upon completion of works it is necessary to examine carefully wall and to eliminate all defects. Between upper part of aperture and brickwork the cement layer is imposed. Often there is need of strengthening and strengthening of apertures. If it is concrete wall, then it is possible to strengthen aperture by means of channels. The brick design is usilyat metal or concrete crossing point. If door opening is located in load bearing wall, then works are carried out in the presence of permission and the project in which stages of holding actions, order of increase in aperture and procedure for strengthening of design are described.

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