How to install the heat meter for the apartment

How to install the heat meter for the apartment

Since then, as there was opportunity to carry out accounting of heat energy directly in the apartment, many people have thought of installation of the room heat meter. In this case the objectivity of mutual settlements for heat energy will be guaranteed.


1. Installation of the thermal counter is carried out on heating pipe. It will really consider amount of the consumed heat. It is also possible to make installation of temperature regulators in addition. With their help management of consumption of hot water is made. In need of it it is possible to reduce. Finally the real digit of consumption will be much lower, than standard.

2. Accounting of heat is carried out heat meters on the basis of many indicators. Act as the main of them consumption of hot water which is delivered to the consumer, intake temperature heating services to the apartment and exit from it. As a result there will be heatconsumption digit in gigacalories — in day, month, year.

3. Practically all modern heat meters can store information on heat consumption. They can be connected to the personal computer for reading of indications online.

4. Before going to shop and to buy the counter, it is necessary to find out whether it is possible to establish it in your apartment. If in the apartment vertical distributing of pipes, that is about each window the heating radiator is established, then it is not recommended to install the counter. The fact is that it is necessary to make installation of several counters in the apartment at once. Also added hydraulic resistance in the pipeline which can be reflected in general regime of heating of the building will be created.

5. If distributing of pipelines horizontal, that is in the apartment two pipes to which are connected radiators, then it is possible to install the heat meter safely. Installation is made by the specialized organization. Most often the companies which specialize in design, mounting and technical maintenance of metering stations warmly are engaged in it. Specialists of firm at first have to make the project and agree on it in the heatsupplying organization. Also registration of metering station is made.

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