How to issue column

How to issue column

If at you on design speakers of wall or column are provided, you have the choice of beautiful and practical registration. Most often the column visually does the room to higher. Therefore there is no need to do it imperceptible or to try to merge design with wall, you can beat the acting element very interestingly.


1. Issue column the facing polished tile made of natural kvartsito-sandstone. Laying called Simile. All tile is made identical height in - 2 cm, but has unsupported length. Form corners on cross joint. You can stack tile on cement basis or on glue mix, on your personal discretion.

2. You can use covering from stainless steel. Advantage is that you have opportunity to change column form to rectangular, polygonal and any other. Choose way of fastening of facing, depending on design and from design plan. You can carry out fastening to surface without visible fixture or by means of decorative assembly fastening elements.

3. Use finished products from polyurethane, modern analog of plaster. On sale there are decorative elements from different producers intended for interior decor of rooms. Material is considered eco-friendly, firm and strong. You need to decide on style of column and select sample. Products are covered with priming coat therefore you will be able to paint them with any water-based paints.

4. Choose the Venetian plaster. The decorative coat is made from natural minerals. Marble powder is displaced with acrylic binding water-based components. The Venetian plaster ideally makes out column in "marbled" style. Using the different tool, you receive wide choice of decorative effects on columned surface. For perfect result you apply the Venetian plaster in three layers, use special palettes from stainless steel. In week apply special wax which performs water-repellent function.

5. Make graphic painting of column. So you in the house will have the model of monumental painting. You will be able to combine, according to current trends, combination of different stylistic receptions. Use illusory images in the principles of art construction, it is so possible to create really unique and exclusive interior. Adhering to classic style, address application of traditional natural stone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team