How to issue the apartment in style of the romantic

How to issue the apartment in style of the romantic

The romantic design, as a rule, is always selected to the maiden bedroom. Therefore also the style has to correspond to these criteria.

Female nature is symbol of grace, softness and refinement. But at the same time you should not forget that the room has to be not only is beautifully issued, but also to be functional that the owner of such room could implement the affairs and be engaged freely in study or favourite hobby.

The romanticism can be shown not only in pink color, but also in the corresponding flower prints and pastel tones. As a rule, many girls and girls decorate it with large number of soft toys, ancient caskets which remained by inheritance, and also all graceful that it is only possible to find in various shops or at parents.Such design does not suffer right angles at all, everything has to look as if in the most wonderful fairy tale. Recently very fashionable began to glue photowall-paper which can be chosen from the offered range on one wall, or to develop such concept independently. Will look very favourably gentle lacy tulle, various forms ruches in addition can be put three-leaved mirror and bed of unusual form.  

Also recently it is very glamourous and fashionably handmade dolls, as a rule, porcelain look. In general the romantic style assumes large number of small parts, and also various maiden accessories. If it is correct to make calculations and to make the room for the girl not only cozy, but also functional, then such room in the current shape will be able for a long time time to please her inhabitant. As for floor, the finest option is laminate of color of Wenge.

Dark floors will serve as bright fashionable accent which will be well combined with any color gamma of walls and ceiling. The chandelier can be picked up option, as from the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland". The similar chandelier will introduce fabulousness to design, and on the expiration of some years with love will remind of the childhood. It is not necessary to be afraid to bring something sincere in such design, the more tenderness and love it will be brought in such interior, the better it will be issued. Some councils for such style can be found at various forums and to communicate to adherents. Possibly, they will also be able to prompt several good and tempting ideas.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team