How to issue the narrow room

How to issue the narrow room

The narrow room if it is incorrectly ofomlena, will remind very much the corridor filled by accidental things. Let's think how to avoid it...

The main objective at registration of the narrow room

The narrow room can be the living room, the bedroom, office, however the main methods of its registration will be identical. Anyway it is necessary to try to make scope impression, kind of to move apart long walls of the room. And that the room nevertheless performed the function assigned to it, emphasis should be placed on selection and arrangement of large pieces of furniture.

Colors and light

Certainly, lighting has to be bright that the room did not resemble infinite corridor of the communal flat. Colors of materials for walls, floor and ceiling - are desirable light. Certainly, it is possible to use also saturated, dark colors, however only for accents, in separate objects, accessories (and if for wall-paper, then only for partial decor of walls).

Use of different shades or colors for registration of short and long walls will be rather interesting to try to make impression not of narrow rectangle, but the form close to square.

Drawings and elements

The same purpose of approach of form of the room to square will be served by both drawings and elements of decor. Use various striped wall-paper, carpet, linoleum ""to extend"" narrow side of the room. For decor of ceiling it is possible to choose split-level stretch ceilings or beams, rapolozhenny across.

Narrow room furniture

In such situation very reserved form of furniture is desirable. It is important also that it was superficial. Perhaps it is necessary to order it from the master or to doraborat ready objects the hands.

For expansion of the room use also mirrors - as separate home decoration, and as doors of furniture, its ornament.

Art objects

Pictures for the narrow room are desirable such which represent prospect, and here volume figurines and also it is better to leave pictures with bright abstract images for the spacious room. And a lot of decor in the narrow room is not really desirable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team