How to issue the room for heterosexual children

How to issue the room for heterosexual children

Registration of the room for heterosexual children – difficult task. That successfully to solve it it is necessary to consider the room sizes, its illumination, age of children, their character, relationship and many other things.


1. Choose nursery furniture, proceeding from the room sizes. In small-sized apartments it is better to place wardrobe in corridor or in the room of parents, having made more room for games. Bunk beds and special cabinet furniture for the nursery in which working or the berth can be built in section for storage of things help to save space.

2. Divide the placement on zones for dream, studies and games. Consider also need of creation of personal space for each child. Except separate bed, the boy and the girl need to take the workplace and the place for toys. It is better to place desks about window that children could do homework at natural lighting.

3. Will help to separate the room for the brother and the sister color. Paste over maiden part of the room with pink, peach or light yellow wall-paper. Designate half for the boy by walls of blue, blue or green color. Visually it is also possible to separate the room by means of color, using various decorative elements: carpets, pillows, pictures, wall appliques and curtains. At registration of the room consider whenever possible desires of children.

4. It is simpler to issue the room for children of relatives on age. For example, in the room of heterosexual preschool children it is possible to put two small beds, one low table for children's creativity and to organize big game zone. Many kids do not like to share the toys therefore it is necessary to make two storage areas for heterosexual children. Dolls it is possible to put away in bright chest, and machines and designers – in the lower department of clothes locker.

5. If between heterosexual children there is difference in 5 years and more, it is necessary to pay special attention to arrangement of personal space for each child. Sleeping zones can be separated curtain or colourful screen. Workplace of the school student, it is necessary to organize so that the younger child could not get notebooks, textbooks or handles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team