How to issue walls in halls

How to issue walls in halls

The hall and corridor are those rooms which are seen by all who come to you into the house or the apartment. You leave clothes and footwear to whom have come from work in the hall, and get feeling of heat and cosiness from the fact that have come back home. In the hall, walls which "houses help us" also begin.

It is required to you

  • - Material for pasting or walls painting at your choice;
  • - mirror;
  • - shelves;
  • - hanger.


1. Even it is possible to find in the smallest corridor, where to hang up mirror, hanger and small shelf is that minimum which is necessary for us to put on-undress with comfort. It is better not to save on mirror, the big mirror will visually increase the hall, and you will see yourself "entirely", but not parts.

2. For mirror choose the place on wall where you will have the best overview and where light well lays down - from mirror in far dark corner of sense a little. Nearby hang up shelf or shelves - they will not take a lot of place and that on them to put will always be. Hang up hanger for outerwear to such place that it complete with clothes did not prevent you to pass along the corridor.

3. The hall is the place which is quite loaded on passability therefore it is important to choose material which can easily be washed or purified for decoration of the walls. The pith panel is easily glued and gives additional zvuko- and thermal insulation. Format its small, approximately about the sheet A3. The pleasant texture and heat proceeding from natural pith oak do this material attractive to those who love what style.

4. For decoration of the walls in corridor the choice for coloring of walls will be practical. Modern water emulsion is easily applied, quickly dries, and it is possible to choose the paint resistant to abrasion. It is absolutely optional to paint walls only in one color, various borders put with paint of other tone beautifully look.

5. Buy or make cliche and put the drawing by means of foam sponge with paint of contrast color. The idea for cliche can be taken from collection of drawings for tattoos, patterns simple and at the same time very attractive meet there.

6. Wall-paper in the hall can be pasted completely or to combine with other material, for example, with plastic panels below. There is wall-paper more practical: under painting, liquid, cullets. It is always easy to refresh wall-paper under painting by means of the rubber roller and paint of other tone. Apply new paint only on cambers of wall-paper, it is so just possible to paint over scrapes and to recover walls.

7. One more quite good option for finishing of walls in the hall is structural or textured plaster. For drawing ornament or the invoice special rollers with the pattern which is cut on them or palettes with figured edge are on sale. And houses it is always possible to pick up something, than it will be possible to give to structural plaster the original invoice.

8. It is possible to trim with wall panels all walls of corridor entirely, and it is possible to combine with other material, for example, with paint, plaster or wall-paper. Panels are plastic or MDF, from above on them has pasted film with the drawing. You, having got advice of the expert, you will quickly mount panels. Care for them idle time, and in general, is very practical material.

9. The artificial or natural stone is very actively used in finishing of rooms now. Of course, the total stone in small space will press, and to here use it for registration of aperture of arch or door what is necessary for the hall.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team