How to lay flexible tile

How to lay flexible tile

The flexible tile finds broad application in Russia now. It possesses not only high utilization properties, but also moderate cost. Life cycle of tile reaches fifty years.

It is required to you

  • - flexible tile;
  • - fad;
  • - nails;
  • - glue.


1. Do not stack tile at roof bias more than 1:3. The bias has to be as much as possible.

2. Begin to stack flexible tile on furring. Furring can be made not only of dry eaves boards, but also of moisture resistant plywood.

3. Begin mounting of tile with the center of slope from eaves. The first row has to recede from edge approximately on 2 cm. From bottom side of roof remove film, and press it to surface glue layer.

4. For reliable gluing, warm up glue layer the construction hair dryer, then in addition miss the mark with glue. Beat tile four nails in those places in which further will be closed by the following number of tiles. Remember that nails should not stick out of basis from below. Check geometry of the drawing by means of board or thread.

5. The second row needs to be laid so that the geometrical drawing has turned out, and joints of the previous row have been completely closed. Surely check correctness of the drawing and flatness of the line on roof.

6. After laying of tile, completion phase is installation of the fad. Previously remove protective film and lay the fad on glue solution, then nail up in that place where the following tile will be beaten. For ventilation it is possible to establish the ventilated fad.

7. Finishing of pipes – serious step when mounting soft tile. Bring carpet strips to height of thirty centimeters of pipe from all directions and paste by means of glue on all area. From sides and in front stack tile atop, and behind – under it. Depth has to be not less than 15 cm. That there was no break, enclose trihedral rails on pipe perimeter.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team