How to lay gas pipelines

How to lay gas pipelines

Presently quite often people are engaged in construction of owner-occupied dwellings. Gas has to be surely connected to such house. For this reason there is need for laying of the gas pipeline.

1. Gas pipelines of low and average pressure can be laid on external walls of residential unit. On separate nonflammable columns it is possible to lay the gas pipeline of any pressure. For the low-pressure gas pipeline the pipes having pass to 50 millimeters can be used. The elevated gas pipeline which is laid in the territory of the industrial enterprise has to be designed according to Construction Norms and Regulations.

2. Under window opening and balcony of the building should not be on gas pipelines flange or threaded connections. The gas pipeline which is laid on platforms and support at the exit from the earth has to have good protection against mechanical damages. In the place where there is crossing to power lines, on the gas pipeline it is necessary to establish protection which will protect from falling of electrical wires on it. Surely make isolation of this protection from the gas pipeline. Do not forget to execute grounding. Transition resistance of grounding should not exceed 10 Ohms.

3. It is possible to lay in common on support the gas pipeline and the pipeline. If at the gas pipeline good bearing capacity, then it is possible to fix to it pipelines of other assignment. Extremely it is not recommended to carry out joint laying on some support of the gas pipeline and power line. If in it after all there is need, then the power line surely has to be in steel pipe.

4. The gas pipeline which is laid on railway and automobile bridges surely has to have conformance to requirements Construction Norms and Regulations. It is often possible to meet the gas pipeline manufactured by arc welding with the compensating devices. It is laid most often in that place where the possibility of congestion of gas is excluded (in case of leak). It is the best of all to make isolation of the gas pipeline from metal parts of construction.

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