How to look after orchid in pot after purchase in shop

How to look after orchid in pot after purchase in shop

The house orchid – dream of many fans of houseplants, however is possible to keep fine flower after acquisition in shop not everything. Meanwhile to enjoy royal ekzot in house conditions it is quite real. According to experienced flower growers, it is not so difficult to look after orchid in pot after purchase in shop.

The choice of house orchid in pot

Show consideration for the choice of plant – it considerably will simplify care for orchid. What it is necessary to pay attention upon purchase to:

- the beginning flower growers are recommended to stop the choice on orchid phalaenopsis. This species of plant has already adapted to some lack of moisture, though has tropical origin. Among not really whimsical house orchids - Bletilla Giatsintovaya, Kalanta dressed, Tselogina comb, Kattley Bowring;

- choose plants of the average size with some unsolved buds and it is desirable with two-three peduncles;

- make sure that plant healthy, leaves not sluggish, without darkenings and spots;

- root system rich (observe through transparent pot), without decay, air roots not dry.

Care for orchid after purchase: 4 main rules

1. So, you have bought healthy plant of that look which successfully contains in house conditions in your region. To look after actively orchid after purchase – to water, feed up, replace and to carry out other manipulations - it is not necessary! It is necessary on two, and the flower on quarantine separately from other plants in the shaded place is better to put several weeks. Accustom plant to the sun gradually in the second row of flowers or in the first, but with shadowing. Choose the western, east windowsill. Optimum range of admissible temperatures – 18 wasps – 25 wasps, humidity - 30 – 40%.

The healthy orchid has to activate own protective equipment and cope with stress.

2. The correct care for orchid assumes that the flower pours down the warm settled water, is optimum - rain or thawed. It is admissible to use soft tap water. As you can water orchid:

- place pot on 3/4 in basin with water for 15-20 minutes, then let's flow down to excess moisture. Pour out the liquid which has accumulated in pallets;

- put pot with flower on grid in the bathroom and intensively water from shower until soil completely becomes impregnated. Let's surplus of water flow down within 15 minutes, in hour carefully wipe drops from leaves;

- pump water from watering can squirt on all area of the earth, avoiding bosoms of leaves and points of growth of orchid.

It is possible to water orchid in house conditions in process of soil drying in the summer 2-3 times a week, in the winter – 1 time. However there are no universal recommendations as the speed of evaporation of moisture in each case will depend on different factors – species of plant, size of container, humidity indoors, temperature. You easily learn when:  

- there is not enough water - leaves of orchid and false bulbs begin to screw up the face,

- there is a lot of water – the root system decays, leaves razmokat and turn yellow.

The house orchid will easier sustain drying, than surplus of moisture! It is abundant it is necessary to water plant only during emission of peduncle and blossoming.

3. Usually it is not necessary to replace orchid in pot after purchase in shop, soil is admissible to be changed time in several years. When change nevertheless is necessary:

- to the beginning flower growers – if the flower is sold in moss sphagnum;

- in container it became close to roots, soil has accumulated;

- the flower withers, leaves or roots decay, the mold smell is caught.

If it is possible, wait for the end of blossoming and emergence of new roots and leaves. Prepare container from plastic or ceramics with openings for aeration, put drainage in 5 cm – granite crushed stone, beaten brick, clay crocks, pieces of polyfoam.

Carefully take plant with roots and soil, place lump in ware with warm water. Wash away old substrate, remove unhealthy backs and powder cuts with wood charcoal. Let's orchid dry on cotton napkin.

Fill up in pot on 5 cm new substrate. Replace plant, fill up other soil and press down for sedimentation. If necessary fix flower by stake. Put container in water for 5 minutes then let's liquid flow down. The root system – dosypta substrate has seemed.

Use special substrate for orchids: wood charcoal, cones, peat, polyfoam, bark, moss, ferny backs, haydite.

4. You already know how to look after orchid in pot after purchase in shop. Study special literature on the chosen plant, adhere to the recommendations of experts. Over time during active growth of fine flower the fertilizing, such as Greenworld, "Bona Forte", Pocon can be necessary. Attentively read the instruction for the use of fertilizers and "you feed" plant not more often than time in 3 weeks. Alternate fertilizing to watering by clear water, do not use it during the quarantine and in cold season.

Experts claim: the majority of orchids perfectly feel without any fertilizing if time in several years is updated substrate. Excessive overfeeding of flower mineral fertilizers reduces immunity of orchids. 

The interesting facts about orchids

  • It is considered that orchids help to cope with stresses, apathy, contribute to the creative development.
  • Everywhere the used vanilla – generally Vanilla Planiflora orchid fruits. Apply Vanilla Tahitensis and Vanilla pompona less often.
  • Among favourite drinks of Turks - the salep made from wild-growing orchid (yatryshnik). Tubers of plants are used.
  • The most extensive collection of orchids in the world – 60,000 types – Singapore, being in National Orchid Garden.
  • The highest orchid in the world reaches 20 meters in height.
  • "Rozanne Pinki" - the well-known ladyeobrazny flower sold in the USA in 1952 to goal for $4500. And escape of the most rare orchid "Kinabalu Gold" which blossoms at achievement of age of 15 years costs $5000 today.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team