How to look after pig-iron ware with covering

How to look after pig-iron ware with covering

Despite ancient origin, ware from cast iron still has not lost the popularity. It is universal, durable and has reliable strength characteristics. High thermal capacity of material allows ware to keep long heat, evenly distributing it on massive walls.

It is required to you

  • - liquid detergent; - soft sponge; - vegetable oil; - water.


1. Pig-iron ware with enamel covering is intended for suppression and frying on any cooking surfaces and types of plates. The outer surface of ware is covered with black or color glass enamel. Internal – non-stick bezgruntovy opaque glass enamel.

2. Thanks to hygienic and high-strength stekloemalevy covering, ware when heating does not emit hazardous substances and does not enter interaction with foodstuff. That ware served long, use it for designated purpose and follow simple service regulations.

3. Wash the new enameled dishes before use with liquid soap and carefully rinse. Such utensils, unlike simple pig-iron ware without covering, it is admissible to wash in dish washer. Before it read the recommendations of the producer in the instruction or on packing.

4. Oil the product enameled before use, heat to 100 wasps and calcinate a little. As enamel can deteriorate from too high temperatures, do not overheat ware. Also avoid sharp cooling and mechanical damages of layer of enamel. If it after all occurs, refrain from its further use in economy. The fact is that on the place of chip enamel will separate and appear in food, and cast iron under it will begin to rust.

5. Wash the enameled product not right after cooking, and after a while. Do not use for washing of pig-iron products aggressive on the chemical composition, abrasive cleaning agents and materials. When cooking use wooden or polymeric tools. It is possible to make sure that the producer allows use of metal objects, having attentively read the instruction attached to product.

6. You watch that diameter of bottom of the enameled ware was equal or exceeded diameter of the heating site of plate. Tongues of flame have to concern bottom of utensils and not get on its walls. It will allow food not to burn, and to ware - not to overheat.

7. Easily to remove the burned food remains, add to water of a little cleaning agent and heat this mix in pig-iron ware within several minutes. Then just wash dishes sponge, rinse and dry.

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