How to look after pink currant

How to look after pink currant

Pink currant is much more gentle and more sweet, than other color. It spet later, than red and white, and behind it special leaving is necessary. How to achieve high productivity and to improve quality of berries of pink currant.

It is required to you

  • - saplings of pink currant;
  • - organic and mineral fertilizers;
  • - garden stock;
  • - potassium permanganate.


1. Pink currant can grow practically under any conditions and on any soil. But fruitful it will be only under certain conditions. The first – the soil for pink currant has to be fertile. If on the site chosen for the forthcoming landing of bush, the poor soil it is necessary to introduce mineral and organic fertilizers.

2. In the soil under pink currant just before landing bring manure, humus or compost torfofekalnny – 60 kg on 10 m². Currant does not suit the sour soil. And from mineral fertilizers she prefers potash and phosphoric. They are brought in the granulated view in number of 70-80 g of active ingredient of 10 m². It is necessary to close up fertilizers deeply. Usually combine this action with redigging. When the planted bushes take root, introduce nitrogen fertilizers.

3. Watering, and at all stages of development is very important for pink currant – from gemmation and ovary to stage of maturing of berries. When landing on the site the bushes of currant place so that it was convenient to take care of them. Each bush has to be well lit and have the sufficient area of power supply. If currant lands ranks, experts recommend to observe width between them 2-2.5 m, and distance between bushes in ranks – 1.2-1.5 m. On the area of 10 m² there are enough four bushes of pink currant.

4. That currant was not affected by diseases and wreckers, in the early spring when snow only thaws, but kidneys will not bulk up yet, it is necessary to carry out preventive processing of all of the bushes which are available on the site by boiled water. This simple and not expensive procedure will help to destroy larvae and wreckers who managed to winter safely on currant bushes.

5. For this purpose make fire on which boil water in big tank, and water bushes from iron watering can. Be not afraid to scald currant until you pour water in watering can, it will cool down just up to such temperature which will not do to currant branches harm. You can add potassium permanganate to water, it will enhance effect of disinfecting. By the way, such processing of berry bushes can be made not only in the early spring, but also late fall, after leaf fall.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team