How to look after zygocactus

How to look after zygocactus

The zygocactus is very often called ""Christmas cactus"". Such name has received plant not accidentally. In most cases the zygocactus in December or January blossoms. In leaving the plant is unpretentious thanks to what is popular with flower growers.


1. At disembarkation of zygocactus to the new soil it is recommended to use drainage. It is necessary to water plant not too often, and it practically does not need special fertilizing. During blossoming it is not recommended to fertilize the soil.

2. The form of zygocactus can be changed by means of deplumation of segments. Separate stalks rotational motions. It is necessary to do such procedures after blossoming of cactus. Experts note that the correct form of zygocactus substantially prolongs the term of his life.

3. The zygocactus, as a rule, during the winter period blossoms. It is not recommended to move or turn pot during such periods. Otherwise flowers will quickly fall down.

4. In April-May at zygocactuses the dormant period begins. At this particular time it is possible to adjust form of plant and to make multiple copies it. It is possible to grow up new cacti from shanks which at first within several days are slightly dried up, and then take roots to the soil.

5. Zygocactuses very much love fresh air therefore during the summer period it is possible to place safely them on the balcony. In the spring and it is recommended to arrange with this plant short-term micro airing in the fall. From long-distance heating it is better to hold cacti as it is possible further.

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