How to make automatic welding semiautomatic device most

How to make automatic welding semiautomatic device most

Many want to make with own hands good automatic welding semiautomatic device which would have quite good characteristics, served long time and well functioned. In practice everything is not as terrible as it seems first. The main thing to know the principle of work and to have patience.


1. Decide on type and power of the transformer which will be installed in the welding machine. Remember that when using wire with a diameter of 0.8 mm the current is equal 160 Amperes. Therefore, the power of the transformer will be over 3000 W. Choose transformer type. That which is reeled up on the toroidal core will be the best option. It has smaller weight, in comparison with P-shaped and Highway-shaped transformers.

2. Decide on type of regulation of current. There are two ways: on primary and on secondary to windings. Regulation demands in the first way connection of the thyristor scheme of regulation and possesses some defects which are eliminated by turning on of the relay and other switching elements.

3. Regulation on the second winding also has the increased voltage ripple if to use the thyristor scheme. Apply the switching schemes, however it will lead to increase in mass of design and to increase in cost. Stop on regulation on the primary winding better.

4. Establish the smoothing choke and the condenser possessing with a raised capacity about 50000 MICROFARAD in supply circuit (secondary winding). It will allow to smooth voltage ripples, is not dependent on what scheme you have chosen.

5. Choose reducer for giving of wire, for this purpose take reducer from the car window wiper VAZ, the water delivery valve on back glass can be taken from the machine too, using it in the welding machine as the gas valve.

6. Now collect the scheme of the welding machine, collect everything in one body and check operability of the unit. Press adjusting button – at first carbon dioxide has to go. In 1-3 seconds the current will join and giving of wire will go. Release the button, and current together with wire will disappear, and in several seconds also gas supply will be turned off.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team