How to make Barbie make-up

How to make Barbie make-up

dolls were and there are different: blondes and brunettes, white beauties and interesting mulattos dressed in ball dresses and the equestrian's suits, but invariable is one is gentle make-up. It is easy to resemble favourite doll, for this purpose a few cosmetics and time are necessary.

It is required to you

  • - liquid foundation;
  • - powder;
  • - pencil for eyebrows;
  • - pencil for century;
  • - eye shadow;
  • - mascara;
  • - blush;
  • - lip gloss.


  1. Impregnate clean dry face with the moisturizing cream. After cream was completely absorbed, make liquid foundation. By means of sponge apply means on nose back, forehead and chin. Easy movements shade cream on nose wings, from the center of forehead to temples and from chin to corners of lips. Apply a little cream to skin under eyebrows and accurate movements shade it in the direction from internal corners of eyes to external.
  2. Put thin layer of friable powder on face. For this purpose use thick brush. Pay special attention to the central part of the face as exactly there it is located most of all sebaceous glands. You powder face after foundation completely is absorbed, otherwise the layer will be uneven. During the day support make-up by means of compact powder.
  3. By means of pencil paint eyebrows and make them ideal form. The form has to be accurate, equal, as at doll. If you have light hair color, then choose pencil for eyebrows two tones more dark; if hair dark, then are two tones lighter.
  4. Apply shadows from internal corner of eye to external on upper eyelid. Shadows have to be pink, turquoise or lilac. Use of shadows of different shades is possible. Black pencil make accurate arrow on growth of upper eyelashes. Paint eyelashes with ink, having put at first layer of volume ink, and then extending. If necessary comb eyelashes small brush.
  5. Apply blush of pink shade. If you have full person, apply blush from cheekbones to temples if the person thin, on the contrary. If your blush in the form of cream, then shade them fingertips; if compact, then by means of wide brush. Finishing make-up, apply pink gloss on lips.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team